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Szeretnél körül nézni vagy vásásrolni nálunk? Szeretettel várunk, de előtte ne felejts el hívni minket telefonon! Tomi és Fati várni fognak, keresd őket!
Szeretnél körül nézni vagy vásásrolni nálunk? Szeretettel várunk, de előtte ne felejts el hívni minket telefonon! Tomi és Fati várni fognak, keresd őket!

Materials and colors

Our team pays particular attention to ensuring that our customers find the perfect piece of furniture for them, as we buy sofas and double beds for several years. It is important that the right piece of furniture goes into the home of our customers, the desired material, color and functional furniture will serve the new owner over the years.

We constantly change the range of our warehouse based on the needs of customers. We strive to ensure that anyone who visits our warehouse can find the perfect sofa for them.

You can choose from the following furniture materials from the VIP sofa range

Textile leather

Textile leather is a suede or artificial leather-type product with a surface resembling real leather. Their surface is PVC in the case of artificial leather types, or polyurethane foam in the case of most new products, whose closed film-like layer ensures wear resistance. Those with a suede surface are usually covered with a polyester fiber cover. Both types are printed with a pattern reminiscent of real leather.

Genuine leather

Genuine leather is still a very popular material today, and it has long attracted attention with its luxurious appearance and durability.

Aqua clean

They are easy-to-clean materials, as stains can be removed with just a little water using a special process. Thus, maintenance can be carried out very simply and in a minimal amount of time.

Plush fabric

Fabrics made with plush production technology, the material can be polyacrylonitrile or wool, they are used with preference by the automotive industry, but are also popular on many other surfaces due to their aesthetic appearance and decorative effect. The back of the plush fabrics is a polyester-cotton base fabric that ensures high strength.

Water repellent fabric

These fabrics, produced with the most modern technology, can protect our furniture fabric against the most common accidents by adding a special layer. Thanks to its extremely dense weave and special layer, it can keep dirt on this top layer. The fabric doesn't even darken!

Plain fabric

Furniture fabrics made of plain yarns or filaments. They have good wear resistance and are also suitable for places subject to high stress. Their strength is increased by the polyester content. The cotton content promotes comfortable use.

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How do we take care of the furniture?

Like all materials used every day, furniture fabric also requires regular care, as it is constantly exposed to dust and dirt. Dirt from everyday use (household dust, crumbs, lint, etc.) can be removed by regular vacuuming (with a low-suction upholstery head) and then by brushing in the smoothing direction with a soft brush (cloth brush). In addition, occasionally wipe the fabric with a damp - not too wet - cloth, as the humidity of the air in the room is often too low, especially with central heating. Moisture helps maintain the flexibility of the fibers, thus having a positive effect on the life of the material.

Caring for leather sofas

Leather is a natural material that breathes and absorbs the humidity of the environment. It follows that it can easily dry out if it is exposed to the sun or heat for a long time. With proper skin care, this can be prevented and the process delayed so that we can enjoy the beauty of our sofa for as long as possible.

The care needs of leather furniture depend on the type and color of the leather. It is important that cleaning and care is carried out exclusively with a care product developed for the given skin type. We do not recommend the use of general furniture care products, even if their instructions for use include cleaning leather furniture. Furthermore, it is absolutely forbidden to use solvents and silicone-containing agents for cleaning, because they cause significant damage to the surface of the leather!

Furniture should be placed at least 30 cm away from any heat source, otherwise the leather (and artificial leather too) may dry out, crack or harden if it stands next to a heater for a long time.

Caring for artificial leather upholstery

As in the case of real leather, the preservation of condition is also the most important for artificial leather upholstery, with the appropriate cleaning and care products. Such pieces can also have a very long life if we use the care products made specifically for them.

Furniture fabric requires regular care just like leather or artificial leather upholstered furniture. Since the material of the sofa set is constantly exposed to dust and dirt, it is advisable to clean it on a weekly basis. This prevents dirt from getting deeper into the material.

Cleaning general furniture fabrics

Cleaning the upholstery parts with organic solvents (e.g. acetone, gasoline, etc.) is strictly prohibited, because these chemicals damage the fabric!

Clean the wooden parts with a soft cloth with a mild detergent, then wipe the furniture dry. It can also be used as a furniture cleaner for wooden furniture.

The use of granular scouring agents is prohibited on any surface! The wooden parts become scratched, the lacquering is damaged, and the fabric parts can become discolored, or the grains get into the material and rub it out from the inside.

Periodically treat the fabric sets with dry upholstery cleaning foam, and vacuum regularly - weekly - with the appropriate brush upholstery cleaning head.

Aquaclean technology is a revolutionary new process that allows stains to be removed using only clean water. The fabric fibers have been treated with a molecular protective coating during production, making them dirt repellent and easy to remove stains from the upholstery.